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Green Card Through Marriage to a US Citizen

The Messersmith Law Firm, P.C. is a full service law firm concentrating on immigration law. We have successfully helped thousands of people from countries all over the world immigrate to the United States. One common way to immigrate is through a family member who is already a US permanent resident or US citizen. Many foreign nationals will come to the US for the purpose of travel, study or business and while they are in the US, they will meet, fall in love and marry a United States citizen. While, their visas typically require them to leave at a certain date, they can instead choose to remain in the US and apply for a green card and eventually US citizenship if they so desire.

US immigration law recognizes that keeping families together is very important and that is why foreign nationals who marry US citizens can be forgiven, under certain circumstances, for prior immigration violations or criminal convictions. It is important to speak with an experienced immigration lawyer and we have extensive expertise in handling marriage green cards. We are proud to say that our success rate for marriage green cards is 100% and in most cases. Through efficient use of technology and knowledge of immigration procedure and law, we are able to obtain marriage green card approvals in 6 months or less.

Immigration law is federal law which means that we are licensed to assist clients nationwide and even worldwide. The majority of immigration filings are done through the mail. This allows us to efficiently represent clients where they live and work. No matter where you are located, we can help you.

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